Ohio Certified Electrical Safety Inspection (CERT # 5251)  Code Corrections, Insurance Claims Inspection, Property Electrical Inspections for buying and selling homes.


We recommend generators for the comfort and reliability, when the weather gets bad.  Generators are hooked up through a automatic transfer switch that begin generating power any time your electricity goes out.  You no longer have to waste time and money any time you experience a power outage at your home or business.  With a  standby generator, you'll never be left in the dark!


Homes are in more need of whole house surge protection today than ever before.  There are many more electronics in everything, even in the new LED lights.  All appliances have circuits boards in them which could be damaged by lighting up to 5 miles away.  There's a  lot of technology that we are plugging into our homes, protect it all with a whole home surge protector.


  • Pool Electric Wiring – We will safely configure your pool’s electrical wiring so that your filter pump, lighting and more are running correctly.

  • Spa & Hot Tub Wiring – Electrical work in the spa or hot tub can be dangerous. Avoid the risk of shock and electrocution and call in our team of experts.

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